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it was a better life;

The Doctor showed me a better way of living your life

Rose Tyler
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B A S I C S ;

name; Rose Marion Tyler
age; 20
dob; April 27, 1986

appearance; Rose is a 1.65m(or 5'4") young woman just out of her teens. She's got blonde hair, although her roots and eyebrows suggest it's not her natural color. Her eyes are brown, like her father's, and she's got a healthy figure, like her mum. She's been quoted as having a 'fantastic bottom' although she was quite unaware it was being inspected at the time.

ღ 1 pair jeans
ღ 1 pair black pants
ღ 1 blue jumper
ღ 1 black leather uniform jacket
ღ 1 red sleeveless shirt
ღ 3 short-sleeved shirts
ღ 1 pair pyjamas
ღ 1 pair black boots
ღ 1 pair trainers
ღ 1 superphone
ღ 1 charger for superphone
ღ 1 make-up/toiletries bag
ღ 1 obnoxiously red travel bag
ღ 1 pair purple knitted fingerless glove arm warmers
ღ 1 torch (flashlight)

H I S T O R Y ;

Rose lived a fairly normal, boring existence for the majority of her life. She grew up raised by only her mum who worked as a hairdresser out of their small flat to make ends meet, and that was fine. Rose never took her A-Levels, and she never went to college. She worked in a store, and dated Mickey Smith, and that was fine. Rose was fairly content with her life, but bored as well. And then one night she was attacked by plastic people.

She was never really bored from that point in her life on. She met the Doctor (Doctor who?) that night, shortly before he blew up her place of employment. From there, she ended up dragged into his attempts to negotiate with the plastic people, which ultimately failed, but Rose did manage to make use of herself and prove to be very quick-witted in a crisis.

That's why the Doctor asked her to come with him.

And she did.

She traveled with him in the Tardis for what seemed like forever and no time at all, all at once. She went from the Day the Earth Died to 17th century England, and then back home to her mum. She came up against some of the Doctor's fiercest enemies, and met some of his dearest friends. She watched him change from Nine into Ten before her eyes (which was partially her fault due to a mess with the Time Vortex within the Tardis and her looking into it to try and get back to the Doctor,) and while that was very strange, she'd seen a lot of strange things already, and she accepted his new personality and look, because deep down he was still the same man.

And as quickly as it had all began, it ended. There had existed an alternate Earth where Mickey had remained after the Doctor and Rose had left during one of their adventures, expecting to never set foot there again. However, there was a rip in space, and the Cybermen came from that world into the Earth Rose called home. In an attempt to seal the hole and trap the Cybermen in the void between worlds forever, Rose was stuck on the other side of the portal, trapped despite initially refusing to go with her mother and alternate-timeline father.

She thought she'd never see the Doctor again, and for a while, that was true. She gradually adapted to life in the new world which was practically identical but slightly different and in need of desperate repair. She started to work for the world's Torchwood, lending the knowledge she'd gained in her travels with the Doctor to their cause.

Then one night she woke up suddenly from a dream, feeling like the Doctor was calling out to her, across the divide. She told her parents, and Mickey, and they set out, following Rose's whim. They ended up in Norway, and she found her Doctor. He'd come to say goodbye, as a spectral image, because there was no way to open the rip in the fabric of space and pull her through.

And that was the end of Rose Tyler's story, and that's where her story in Eden begins.
C R E D I T S ;

Player: Varis
AIM: harder to kill
Email: unknowngoddess [at] gmail.com
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Rose Tyler is not mine, and is the property of Russell T Davies and the BBC network. She is being used on a non-profit basis for roleplaying in street_eden.